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Blew a run-flat tire and Roadside Assist called Myers for me. I was a bit apprehensive and getting cranky on a very hot afternoon but all that dissipated when the truck arrived. I was very pleased with the courteousness of the tow driver and the respect he showed me and my car. Wait time not bad and Myers confirmed the call by a followup text message. Their automated also called my cell and wanted me to document arrival time, etc. Great customer service.


With our customer in mind, we make sure we’re able to cover all bases and help as many people as we possibly can. Myers Towing provides private property impound and vehicle removal service to commercial property owners, residential complexes, and property management companies. Having a vehicle take up valuable parking space for paying customers, incorrectly parking in designated spots, parking in fire lanes, blocking entrances and exits, or just plain abandoned vehicles produce a hazard and liability to the property owner or agent. We specialize in the rapid removal of these vehicles call us to learn more about our Private Property Vehicle Removal Services.  READ MORE >>